When Work makes you Fat: Workplace Weight Loss

Is your work making you gain weight? Have you experienced standing in front of a mirror, gawking at your present body structure, and noticing how much weight you’ve managed to put on since you started working in the office?

Most of us find ourselves in the same situation. Your job is one of the reasons why you keep on gaining weight. Specifically, it is the long hours of sitting in front of the desk without exercise, stress, office competition, and work overload that makes your job a primary reason for weight gain. Office workers are tied to their computers, calculators, and desks. By the time the finish their work, they are already too tired to exercise. The monotony of the workplace and the work overload leads to stress which causes the brain to produce cortisol. The high levels of cortisol trigger the body to look for food and store fat.

With the busy lifestyle of office workers, it is almost impossible to find ways to lose weight. But it is not completely impossible. There are certain ways to prevent weight gain while in the office and there are also ways on how one can still manage to lose weight despite their job requirements. Tips to prevent weight gain in the office

Move around

Moving around and simple stretching is not only done to fight off dozing while in the office. Recent studies find out that people who have jobs that require them to stand around all day tend to live longer than people with jobs that make them sit around all day. Remaining motionless or seated for long periods could lead to edema or water retention and poor blood circulation that result to slower metabolism. It is recommended that office workers stand-up and stretch their arms and legs at least every hour.

Choose hot or warm beverages instead of cold drinks

Cold beverages which come in the form of smoothies, fountain drinks, and softdrinks are often loaded with sugar and calories which you cannot possibly burn in your workplace. Even cold water is not recommended because all cold drinks result to slower metabolic rate. It also exposes the abdomen to cold resulting to body chills and disabling the body to warm up for any other activities. When the body feels cold, it automatically stores in fat for heat and when you are always taking in cold drinks in a cold environment, it is harder to lose the fats.

Take your time before or after work to take a bath instead of a shower

Edema which is caused by long hours of immobility and too much consumption of cold drinks could lead to swelling of the calves and feet. This could be solved by taking a warm bath that allows the body to reach its proper core body temperature and achieve better blood circulation. Taking a bath also allows the excess fluid to be excreted. If you take warm and long baths every day ideally after work, you may be preventing the buildup of cellulites.

Avoid positions that prevent better circulation

Poor circulation as mentioned in tip number 1 could result to slow metabolic rate. The best position to avoid in order ensuring better blood circulation is crossing your legs. Males and females have different ways of crossing their legs in the office, most of them even bring one feet under the other thigh. Slow blood circulation also leads to slow metabolic rate, edema, lower-back pain and other physical pains that result to stress. Stress in turn also results to binge eating or heavy eating.

Keep several body points warm

If the temperature in the office reaches a point when you feel a bit colder than usual, make an effort to warm your neck, abdomen, and ankles. Sometimes you don’t have to wait until you get home to prevent those cellulites from forming. If your body temperature gets too low, the body will start to retain fluid and store fat which is the reason why cellulite develops. Lower body temperature also leads to lower metabolic rate and adds to the possibility of weight gain.

Facilitate action every chance you get

Get up from your desk every chance you get to exercise your muscles, warm up your body, and increase your metabolic rate. Photocopy your own documents even if it means being able to stand up for two minutes. Use a few flight of stairs to get to the office instead of taking the elevator. Get out of the office during lunch time and walk a few blocks to pick up your healthy lunch.

Office exercise

While doing these things to prevent weight gain, there are also simple activities that could serve as office exercises so you can burn calories even when you have ton of workload.

Leg lifts. This exercise can help you burn around 50 calories and tone your leg muscles. You can do this by sitting with your back flat on the chair then lift one leg until it is at a parallel height. Lift the other leg and repeat the process for several minutes.

Sit on a balance ball. Several companies already allow employees to change their office equipment for exercise equipment to facilitate health. This exercise tones the stomach muscles and facilitates burning about three calories per minute.

Chair Dip or magic carpet ride. This exercise may be done with variations but essentially it targets the arms and the core body. While sitting on your chair, place your hands in the arm rest then lift your legs of the ground for several inches to tighten the core or cross your legs. While at this position, lift your whole body from the chair by straitening your arms. You can burn ten calories per minute by doing this exercise.

Desk Pushups. This exercise is for the arms and shoulders. Execute this by standing in front of your desk and placing both your hands at arm’s length. Keep your feet and legs together and slowly lower yourself to the table while keeping your posture straight until your chest is very near the edge of the table. Push yourself up at this point and repeat the process several times. If your desk is moving, you can also resort to wall pushups.

Other more simple exercises include stretching, walking around the office every hour, wiggling your fingers, and rotating your neck. Remember that having a demanding office work is never an excuse if you want to trim that extra weight, all you need is to be more active and aware of the office meals, drinks and practices that could add up to your weight.