Remove Your Love Handles Review

The Remove Your Love Handles ebook was created by Jeff Collinswood, a fitness expert who used to struggle with love handles for years, even after getting on rigorous training and diet programs.

He discovered a number of reasons why majority of people have not been successful in their quest for getting a better body.

He found that some exercises like sit-ups work the stomach but do not effectively target the sides where the love handles are located. Cardio may not be the sole answer for fat loss too.

Some individuals even have great abs, but still retain their love handles.

The book specifically indicates the right exercises, diet and lifestyle that will focus on fat loss at the sides, thereby eliminating the dreaded love handles.

You get to create the illusion of having a more slender figure by getting rid of your love handles. The program will last anywhere between 2 to 8 weeks.

You also get a 100% money back guarantee over a 60-day period – a simple reassurance that the program really works.


1. You can instantly get relevant tips about effective weight loss and losing your love handles in just minutes by downloading the e-Book for only $27.

2. The program promises results and is confident enough to provide a 60-day 100% money back guarantee. You can expect quick and long-lasting results by following the guidelines.

3. The tips, activities and diet plans provided are meant to keep you trim and fit for the rest of your life. You do not have to keep battling love handles by entering fad diets and using other overhyped products.

4. The exercises provided are very convenient so you can readily do these at home or in the office during breaks. You get to stick to the program for continuous and consistent results.

5. There are no health risks involved when you embark on the program. You also get to minimize your risk for developing heart disease and other problems significantly.

6. The author himself pioneered the program and experienced losing weight and fat at the sides firsthand, so you can be assured that actual testing was made.


1. Some experts disagree that cardio is not useful in burning fat continuously via metabolism enhancement. Remove Your Love Handles seem to focus so much on the sides only.

The body actually burns fat evenly throughout the body so changes may vary among individuals depending on their body type and composition.

2. The program seems to provide a quick and easy approach to weight loss. Some individuals may find it disappointing that their bodies do not respond as quickly as others.

Not dieting or exercising enough may be detrimental for their progress.


Remove Your Love Handles is a great book for people who have been struggling with love handles specifically.

There are individuals who cannot seem to effectively get rid of excess fat at their sides, so the book handles this problem sufficiently and specifically.

However, scientific evidences are lacking in the approaches incorporated, so not all individuals should expect the same results over the given 60-day period.