Foods that are fat burning to help you lose weight

What are the foods that are going to help you to lose weight? I am not talking about foods that are traditionally low in calories and which are better fed to Rabbits, but rather good everyday foods that will serve to help you to lose weight while still being satisfied.

Fat Burning Foods
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1) Chilli and hot foods are hot due to the active ingredient called Capsaicin. The chilli in foods not only increases your body temperature which causes extra fat burning, but also leaves you with a wonderful satisfied feeling afterwards due to its ability to create a rush of endorphins similar to that experienced in sexual activity. The endorphins make you feel good about yourself.

2) Dairy products. Recent research has shown that low fat or no fat dairy products are not only  a great way to increase calcium in your body, but in some strange way also help you to lose weight. Those who drank or ate regular dairy helpings were more successful at losing weight than their peirs who stayed away from such products.

3) Fruit. Fruit is one of the best ways to help your body fight fat. The fruit not only helps speed up your metabolism, but also contains natural hydrogen peroxide which assists in cleaning your digestive tract and colon. You have the benefit of fat burning and colon cleansing merely by increasing your fruit consumption.

4) Nuts have always been beneficial in helping your body to burn fat.

5) Many vegetables such as soya, lentils, beetroot, carrots etc, are all considered to be fat burning foods and an increase in these foods will help you to lose weight.

Your body’s fat burning capabilities can often benefit with a good kickstart to boost your metabolism and assist you to lose incredible amounts of weight without effort.